A Quick Catch Up In Case I Die Of Surfeit

I do hope you all had a very, merry Christmas, and that if you didn’t it was over very quickly and you can forget the whole, sorry thing.

I had a good one. A really good one.

I was very spoiled, which is never a chore. I have been given gifts I love by people I love and I feel very blessed indeed. I got the Doc Martens of my dreams from my very lovely husband, plus some excellent Boden pyjamas and a bread maker. I have been feted with Amazon vouchers which means that over the next week a selection of books and CDs from my wish list will be winging its way to me, and all in all I have done exceedingly well.

We have slept well (hooray!), eaten well (hooray!) and done pretty much exactly as we pleased for the last few days.

For me this has involved mostly eating a lot of roast potatoes, reading insane amounts of books and watching television.

Today I went out for a walk because I was beginning to get a little stir crazy and my hips are on the verge of packing up. I think it’s due to the excess weight that three solid days of eating beef and potatoes with a selection box chaser and a shit load of Prosecco has piled on me. Mostly, my stomach resembles a round, tight drum. Still, let us feast today, for tomorrow we may die.

Probably of surfeit in my case.

I have loved spending time with my family, immediate and extended. There have been no fights at all and absolutely no games of Monopoly, for which I can only be grateful. There has been an enormous amount of laughter, a great deal of joy and a lot of silliness.

I intend to spend the rest of the week in much the same vein. I hate the week between Christmas and New Year usually. It’s a sort of boggy, no man’s land of meh. This year however, we have guests aplenty and I have a mid week theatre trip as well as the promise of a New Year’s Eve party with friends. This will be our second New Year in a row when we’ve actually ventured out of the house and been sociable.

It might catch on.




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