I don’t care what Santa makes of this list

It’s nearly Christmas, so let’s have a list of positive things:

  1. I did some writing today. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless and I am not beating myself up about it.
  2. I am listening to a lot of Elbow. It helps. The Seldom Seen Kid and The Take Off and Landing of Everything are my go to listens.
  3. I am reading Philip Larkin’s ‘Letters to Monica.’ He’s a grumpy old bastard, but I like the way he gets cross about the Archers and am absolutely fascinated by his obsession with Beatrix Potter.
  4. I have watched the first episode of Jessica Jones on Netflix. It’s rather good in a dark and troubled way.
  5. I am going to watch Luther tonight. Idris Elba. Just YES.
  6. The pain in my ovary/lady part hip area is finally easing although it is still a bit shit.
  7. I have steadily been eating Christmas goodies throughout the day.
  8. It has been quiet. The girls are with their dad, the boy went to see the new Star Wars film. Peace perfect peace.
  9. Hot bath.Plenty of water. No interruptions. Utter win.
  10. The cat has become bored of wrecking the Christmas tree.

That’s about it really.

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