Television is the Opium of the Masses and I Love it

It has been a good weekend. It has been largely dominated by television in my case, which is unusual, but surprisingly effective. I have had two weeks of period related hell which has involved, nausea, rapid cycling mood swings, back ache, persistent belly ache, migraines up the yin yang, exhaustion and which culminated at the weekend in agonising pain in the region of my ovaries.

It should all be over now, but frankly, who the hell knows?

I have found pain killers, the odd glass of wine and television therapeutic, hence a weekend of square eyes.

Saturday morning was spent with me watching back to back episodes of Peter Kay’s Car Share on iPlayer and howling with laughter. I love it.

No children again on Saturday night, due to the fact that their social lives are way more interesting than mine these days. Parties and sleepovers were the order of the day. Jason and I watched the final two episodes of The Bridge and fell asleep, because that’s how we roll.

Sunday was a morning spent being mum’s taxi. Remind me again, all those people who encouraged me to learn to drive, how driving gives you freedom?

Freedom to taxi your children up and down the country for hours on end is what they didn’t say.

Bitter? Moi?

Sunday afternoon improved beyond measure when Jason’s sister and partner turned up and we descended on the local pub for a cracking lunch and several glasses of Pinot Noir for me.

After they had departed we decorated the Christmas tree, and Derek has spent every waking moment since then trying to disembowel it decoration by decoration.

Then Jason and I watched Luther.

Gaping plot holes notwithstanding, it was excellent and really I would literally watch anything with Idris Elba in. I even watch him in the Sky TV adverts and I hate Sky.

The children and I watched the last episode of Gogglebox before bed and then spent the time until bedtime pretending to gallop round the house like tiny ponies doing dressage, because I mean, why wouldn’t you?

One response to “Television is the Opium of the Masses and I Love it

  1. Err, Katy, it’s the ‘opiate’ of the masses (pacifier, quietener), not ‘opium’ (addictive drug). Hmmm, perhaps you were right the first time!

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