It isn’t that bad, is it?

In the last few weeks I have posted about domestic violence against women several times.

If you’ve read those posts you will already know that on average, two women a week are killed by their partner or ex-partner here in the UK.

Yesterday I saw figures released by the police that show since 2013, domestic abuse related crimes are up by 31%. Domestic abuse related sexual offences are up by 74%. Domestic abuse related injury is up by 21% and domestic abuse harassment is up by 52%.

Today I read this article from the BBC news website. In 2013, 86 women were killed by their partner/ex.

I quote:

In 2013, 164 women were murdered in Britain – 86 of whom (52%) were killed by their male partner or ex-partner. In that same year, 381 men were murdered in Britain, 12 of whom (3%) were killed by a female partner or ex-partner.

There is a documentary tonight, which tells the story of some of these women on BBC2  at 9.00 p.m. It is called, Love You To Death.

I was discussing feminism and equality with a friend at the weekend. He is sympathetic for the most part, but tends to think I make a fuss about things like everyday sexism, and is still of the opinion that things aren’t that bad.

Things are exactly this bad.

Things are getting worse.

Things are getting worse when someone like Tyson Fury can still be in the running for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and people who complain about it get death threats and rape threats and torture threats and people say; ‘It’s not that bad.’

Things are getting worse when Bloomingdale’s ad department thought a joke about date rape was the best way to launch their Christmas campaign this year.

This is why women need to be heard. This is why women need to be seen. This is why women need to be valued. This is why women need to be equal.  This is why we must not turn a blind eye to violent language, or casual objectification, or any of the things that people dismiss as not that bad.


So the next time someone tells me that: ‘It’s not that bad,’ I can say: ‘No. It’s worse than that.’

2 responses to “It isn’t that bad, is it?

  1. Cannot agree more with this.

  2. sing it, girlfriend.

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