The Girls are a bit Weird

On the way home from school yesterday:

Oscar: ‘Mama. I think all the girls in my class have gone a bit strange?’

Me: ‘Really? Why?’

Oscar: ‘Well, they are all giggling and they keep discussing the boys and which boys love them.’

Me: ‘Ah!’

Oscar (shaking his head in disbelief): ‘I had to protect X today.’

Me: ‘What from?’

Oscar (darkly): ‘Girls.’

Me: ‘What were they doing?’

Oscar (starts shaking his head again): ‘Well, they were chasing him round the playground, and asking him to choose which one of them he loves the best.’

Me: ‘Oh, right.’

Oscar: ‘Yeah, and the thing is mama, (his tone becomes serious now) you know that in those circumstances, nothing good can come out of it.’

Me: ‘Indeed not.’

Oscar: ‘So that’s why I think the girls have gone a bit strange. They’re just so weird.’

Me: ‘I hear you.’

One response to “The Girls are a bit Weird

  1. I had an identical coversation with my son some 15 years ago…

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