Eating Buns

Hello there dear ones.

We have been MIA on our holidays. We had an utterly brilliant time. Mostly we spent it doing nothing. We went back to the barn conversion we love just outside Porthmadog in North Wales. This is the third visit, and I am hoping for many more in the future.

Things that were done:

Daily visits to the Big Rock cafe in Porthmadog. Do not let its pro Jesus messages intimidate you in any way. It is brilliant. Brilliant enough to make me think about converting to the ways of the Lord. I love it so much there that if I won the lottery I would give them a big, monetary present to ensure their glowing future and to buy my way into a life time supply of cinnamon buns. I’d like to move in next door were it not for the fact that I would actually BE a cinnamon bun by Christmas.

We made several visits to Browsers Bookshop in Porthmadog. I purchased a fair few books to add to the eleventy million currently on my to read pile. It is one of those shops which, even though it is small, is so well curated that you always leave with treasure.

We went to look at a couple of houses for sale with a vague idea of buying a holiday home. This has now been shelved, but it was fun to look. One house was so terrible that we could not keep straight faces, and spent the entire time giggling like loons. The Estate Agent looked weary and resigned. Clearly we were not the first to react in this way. It is unlikely we will be the last.

We took long, purposeless drives into the mountains. We like to find scary cart like tracks and traverse them with absolutely no idea of where we are going. It is best if we harass a few sheep en route, and when we have to not look down because there is a vertiginous drop involved. We also quite like hurtling in and out of cloud cover. We had beautiful weather for the most part and the scenery is stunning.

We made a pilgrimage to the Simla curry house in Porthmadog. The building is nondescript but the food is fantastic and they have a variety of dishes I’ve never come across anywhere else. This is probably because they are Welsh/Indian hybrids rather than that they come from parts of India I don’t know about. I don’t know and I don’t care. Their food is all delicious, every dish is different and they use real spices and herbs in everything they make.

Many books were read. I polished off Alan Moore’s monster graphic novel about Jack the Ripper; From Hell, Mary Wesley’s Second Fiddle and Helen Caster’s She Wolves. I started Little House in the Big Woods by Mary Ingalls Wilder and The Godfather by Mario Puzo, both of which I finished this weekend. All were good except for the Mary Wesley, which I was really disappointed by.

Since coming home I have spent 24 hours in the clutches of an evil migraine wishing for death, and the rest of the time catching up with real life including going over Tallulah’s fractions homework. That this has not given me a migraine is astonishing.

Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone. I have not written any novel for a week. I have felt strangely guilty and yet utterly relieved. I am hoping that I can get back to things with renewed vigour now.  That is the theory anyway.

I have also made several fairly momentous decisions. I have a book related deadline coming at Christmas, so I am going to give up my voluntary work for now. I need to concentrate on what is important, and getting a finished book to an agent is the most important thing for me at the moment. If I am going to say I am a writer, I need to commit to it and write, and being given a chance to submit a novel to a real agent is not something to be sneezed at. I want to give myself every chance of success.

I am also getting back into gentle exercise and fasting. I felt much better when I did it, and over the summer everything slipped and I have fallen back into constant ill health, which I do not need. I am going to take up my pedometer again, and reinstitute daily walks and fasting twice a week. I am hoping this will see me in good stead and give me some energy back. I’m glad I ate all the cinnamon buns while I still had the chance.

6 responses to “Eating Buns

  1. Hi Katy, Porthmadog sounds fab. Not a place I have ever thought of going to before. Can you put the link on for the converted barn you stay at for me to have a look please? thanks Liz

  2. Hi Liz, absolutely. Here it is:

    It was recommended to me several years ago by a blog reader who had been reading about my woes in finding a good holiday home. She thought it would tick the boxes. It absolutely does. I’d be delighted if another blog reader went on my recommendation! It would be a great chain to start.

    House is warm, clean and spacious. Well equipped. There’s underfloor heating and a great fire. You get your first basket of logs, but thereafter you can get them from the lady who looks after the house who lives in the farm across the way. A fiver a load of logs. She also sells eggs.

    There’s a washing machine and tumble drier and a good sized utility room which we need because of the hordes of filthy children. There are three bathrooms, 1 shower, 2 baths.

    Views are to die for, walks are amazing. Just lovely. x

  3. ha, I came to leave a comment to ask for the link but have been beaten to it, it looks lovely! On the wishlist for when the sproglet is a bit bigger. Oh and hooray for the chance at submitting your book to an agent!

    • Yes. Definitely one for the wishlist. Have you tried Tots to Travel for gorgeous places with sproglets? Only found it in the last year we really needed it. Wished we’d found it sooner. Absolute Godsend of a site. Thanks for the hooray! Absolutely terrifying and also hooray! x

  4. Mightily impressed by your writing a book *doffs hat* Wishing it and you every bit of luck and success with the agent.

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