It is Friday. I cannot tell you how amazed I am that this day has actually arrived. I know that it does traditionally arrive at the same time every week, but it has been one of those weeks which seemed to contain a great deal of Tuesdays, so you know, in my universe, there was a chance it might not have turned up. I would have been terrifically sad had this been the case. I have been pinning a lot on Friday getting here.

I only have one pressing thing to do today, which is to go to Oscar’s parents’ evening. Everything else is entirely negotiable or being managed by other people, so I just have to sign forms, or provide money or moral support. The teacher meeting is the only thing I actually need to get dressed for. Tilly has a teacher day today, so she has taken Oscar to school on her way to town to meet her friends and spend the morning drinking tea and eating cake.  I, therefore, am still in my pyjamas.  It is blissful.

Even the cat has gone out. I am all alone. This is tremendous news.

Let’s have a round up of things that have crossed my mind this week:

In Sainsbury’s yesterday, while Oscar was at his tuition (the Explore Learning Centre is in Sainsbury’s) I was hunting down Maltesers for Oscar’s birthday cake when I found the ‘Ambient Fruit’ aisle. It is a thing. I had no idea there was such a thing as temperature controlled fruit. I think it is modern supermarket jargon for tinned, cling peaches.  Little did I know that my mother had an entire larder shelf of ambient fruit in case of nuclear emergencies, and has done ever since 1976.

On the way to school this week I saw quite a few families whose smallest, non school children were dressed as super heroes.  Everyone was delighted by these children (I suspect there was an event on somewhere for pre-schoolers who want to be Captain America when they grow up). I was delighted by these children. It made me sad that it seems entirely wonderful to dress up as anything you damn well want until about the age of six, and then it is navy blue cardigans and sensible vests for the rest of your life or people look at you funny and think you’re a mental. Screw you, cardigan wearing judgey people. People should totally wear whatever they like, every day. Why do we think we need to be brave to wear something that doesn’t come from Marks and Spencer and have at least 70% man made fibres in it? I’ve never been down with that. Don’t get down with that. Rebel. Rebel. Captain America for all.

My passion for Nigel Slater remains undimmed. I will love him unto death.  I am reading the third volume of the Kitchen Diaries (currently £9.95 in Sainsbury’s. In the Ambient Books aisle) and cooking things as they grab my fancy. Yesterday we had aubergine cassoulet. It was divine. Even the children liked it. I Tweeted about this miracle and received an emoji of a smiley face and an aubergine from the great Nigel himself. This was indeed a purple letter day.

There are undoubtedly other things of great import to share with you. My life is full of pivotal moments, as you know. Usually I am too sleepy to notice them until it is too late. It is the way of my people.

My husband comes home from Las Vegas tonight. We are quite excited about it, even though he is coming home with a chest cold thanks to vicious air conditioning and plane travel, and will be jet lagged to hell.  We will stick him in a corner with some Vicks’ Vaporub on his chest and a party hat on his head and let him doze it off.

One response to “Ambience

  1. Happy Birthday, Oscar!

    Hope the Husband recovers soon.

    We’ll all be able to dress up as superheroes for Children in Need next month. Then it’ll be back to the sensible stuff.

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