I’m feeling a bit sad today.

I woke up full of the cold I thought had gone away. It turns out that the cold was simply masked by the symptoms of a hideous period and a week’s worth of migraine. I am back to necking Vitamin C and echinacea and drinking so much water I am weeing out of my ears. I reckon that I have not had a single day of feeling properly well since the children went back to school. This sucks. I was supposed to be able to get on with things while they were shackled to the venerable institutions of learning. Mostly I am getting on with feeling like pants. It was NOT in the plan.

Also, we had a leak in the kitchen a few weeks back. We have section of flat roof which gets standing water on it sometimes when the tiny drain from it gets blocked with leaves or a gnat’s wing. We often send the children out the landing window to sort it out, if we know it’s happening.

Last time we only knew it was happening when water started dropping from the kitchen ceiling.

We thought we had seen to it and dried the walls out. Today when I was bustling about I noticed one of my pictures had a strange mark on it. I inspected it further. It is mould. Then I inspected all the pictures, and five of them, including one I really love, which is a limited edition lino print I actually paid proper money for, are damaged.

The wall behind the pictures is mouldy, the back of the pictures are mouldy, and the pictures are also marked. I am so very sad.

I called the picture framer and he thinks he can help. I have to take them in tomorrow to be nursed. It could take some time. I know it is only stuff, but it is my stuff and I think my stuff is beautiful, and I am feeling rather bereft.

We are also feeling rather bereft at the thought that the damage to the roof is clearly rather more extensive than we had thought, and we must now talk seriously to a roofer before any more hideous weather sets in. We were only just beginning to pull financially straight after the summer and the girl’s birthdays. We have just begun to think with something slightly less than anguish about Christmas and the boy’s birthday. Now we must think of roofing too.

It is not that we can’t afford it. We are lucky in that I can get the pictures restored, hopefully, and we can get the roof fixed. It is just one of those days when we seem to be faced with problems that we actually thought we had dealt with successfully and which are now coming back to bite us on our proverbial arses. It’s a bit like sitting a test and having the relief of getting through it, only to be told that your initial test was just a test, and now you have the real test.


Ah well. Onwards and upwards. All will be well and all manner of things will be well, and some of the things might be mouldy, and certainly many of them will be damp, but we will persevere.

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