The sun is shining. The kitchen ceiling held up under pressure yesterday and I am not reduced to sweeping bits of damp plaster out of every orifice, for which I thank whichever Gods are in charge of preserving both houses and sanity.  I am in less pain today, pain which can be controlled by the systematic use of drugs. This is good news.

I am happier.

I did not kill anyone yesterday either, although it was a bit touch and go at times, so generally, avoiding prison has been a good thing for all concerned. I like to think that I am a pacifist, but there are times when my patience with this area of my psyche is sorely tested. I think that had I been alive in Viking times it is fairly certain I would have been a Berserker. I am good at being irritated all the live long day and dealing with it, but I can only be pushed so far before my mild mannered janitor exterior turns into a cross between Hong Kong Phooey and the Hulk.

This means I am prone to jumping out of the top drawer of filing cabinets adorned in raggedy ass shorts and green body paint whilst attempting to karate chop people in the wind pipe.

It is the way of my people.

Not today though. Today the way of my people is the way where I attempt to write something that is not whinge filled, toys out the pram petulance with the world and do something useful with my time. I have so far, updated my children’s literacy blog, written two thousand words of my book, read a quarter of a children’s book and two more chapters of the grindingly dull book on the Borgias I am reading for research purposes. I have also written myself a to do list, sent an e-mail that has been on that to do list for about six weeks, and am about to go forth and tackle the post office, which in age and decrepitude I have an unhealthy phobia about. I do not know why. The people at the post office are perfectly nice. I just hate going there.

I have done many boring chores, all of which are too boring to relate, and had a nice chat with the Ocado man. I have been relieved by the fact that the people who are fitting solar panels to the next door neighbour’s house have decided to take the day off. This is helping de-escalate rage levels nicely, as to add insult to injury yesterday, they persisted in setting off the house burglar alarm every ten minutes for about three hours yesterday afternoon. The squealing racket of electric noise this created was only alleviated by the persistent clanging noises as they dropped bits of scaffolding onto the drive.  At one point it was falling like really noisy rain. I did not look, worried as I was that a) I would discover a dead workman, and b) they would have dropped scaffolding pipes onto my car and then I really would have had to kill someone, leaving another dead workman on the drive.

It is blissfully quiet now. Long may it last.

One response to “Clangers

  1. Glad to here you’re feeling better.

    When I read your title I thought, oh good, something from the whistling creatures on a small planet far out in space. Shucks!

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