Lethargy, lethargy, it’s got it in for me

Tiredness continues unabated chez Boo. The children and I have decided to put off our planned trip to Bristol until half term. I am stupefied by tiredness and broke, and they all have insane social lives which mean that when I am awake I am endlessly ferrying them hither and yon, or holding the fort, waiting for them to come back from the far flung reaches of the globe. We are content to do no more  distant holidaying for now.

Here is the news:

We have managed to fit in some visiting with friends who do not live on the other side of the planet, and all of whom came to visit us, which was brilliant because not only did we get to see lovely people, but we could lie around in our pyjamas until the very last minute, and then pretend we had been totally ready for them all along.

Tilly gets her exam results on Thursday. We are all beginning to get a bit tenterhooky about now. She is working part time at the wool shop, and also socialising like a fiend, so she hasn’t got time to get too nervous. Jason and I are doing it for her.

Tallulah has sent off her letter to the BBC this morning amidst much dark mutterings and brooding glances. We took it to the local post office and explained what it was for. He took it very seriously and put it in the letter box himself. He is clearly a fan of Tom.

I am reading a book about historical time travelling and World War II. It should be right up my street. Instead it is driving me absolutely bonkers, and because I am OCD about such things, I am compelled to finish it. Worse. WORSE. I have found out that it ends on a cliff hanger and there is a sequel. I shall probably have to read it, because I will need to know what happens, even though the writing style and the huge plot holes are making me gnash my furious teeth and rend my furious claws.

Oscar got a splinter in the bottom of his foot yesterday while he was out playing with our friend’s four year old. The four year old, it transpires to nobody’s surprise, is braver than Oscar.  Oscar was hamming it up wildly while I attempted to extract the splinter. Fraser was standing calmly by him saying: ‘Focus. Just focus my friend.’ I was delighted by this.  I will try it again in Fraser’s absence, as it seemed to do the job beautifully.

I am sleeping dreadfully at the moment. I put it down to the fact that when I sit down at the moment, I tend to doze off, except that yesterday, except for one brief nap, I managed to stay awake all day, and go to bed at a reasonable hour, and I still had hideous dreams, woke up eleventeen times and got up feeling like I had been lying under a vicious, poky hedge all night long.

Luckily for you I cannot remember any of my dreams in detail, although I think there was something about a sloth last night. It is no surprise to me that a sloth loomed large. I believe it is my current spirit animal.

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