Some things

So, here’s some other stuff that has been kicking round in my head over the last few days.

Firstly, it is very hard to read lots in a house which has both uncomfortable beds AND uncomfortable chairs. This is entirely unsatisfactory as I do not consider a slacker holiday (as oppose to a London holiday where we never stop moving) to be complete unless I’ve read at least ten books.

I did not read ten books. I did however read the magnificent Bone Clocks by David Mitchell which I am still thinking about and rate as one of my best books of the year so far. I bloody loved it. I also read The Dust That Falls from Dreams, which is the new Louis de Bernieres book, which I enjoyed very much in an entirely different way. I also read the new Kazuo Ishiguro novel, The Buried Giant, which I didn’t like very much at all. I realise I want to like Ishiguro more than I do, but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever really enjoyed a book by him, and this was no exception. I keep trying though, for reasons which are entirely unclear to me.

I’ve managed to read quite a lot since we got home, which is good, as the piles of books which need reading pronto are piling up by my bed in a looming and frankly alarming manner. I have banned myself from going to the library until at least fifty percent of them are read. This self imposed rule is already causing me quite a lot of stress, but not as much as being killed under an avalanche of unread novels will if I don’t impose some self control somewhere along the way.

I was, as you know, delighted to be home.  As we entered the city on our triumphant return I distinctly remember being incredibly aware of being delighted that I was home and thinking how funny it is to be delighted in a city which is pretty damn ugly most of the time. It’s my ugly though, and that’s what matters.

We have had two excellent meals out since coming home. We finally made it to Cultura, a new restaurant/cafe/bar/banana on Queen’s Road. We had lunch there. The food was extremely good, although the website gets on my pip (sorry for that if you’ve clicked on the link). Luckily you don’t eat in the website, so all is well.

Then we went to a new Turkish restaurant on London Road called Konak. The food there was excellent, the prices were incredibly reasonable, the portions were huge and the staff were super friendly. All in all we felt very blessed, and very full.

I have a new thing. I am becoming obsessed by odd t-shirts. I’ve never been a fan of quirky t-shirts before, but I seem to be amassing a large collection, predominantly from my trawling of charity shops. It turns out that I only really like ones that have been bashed around by other people first, so they don’t look too new and shiny. At the weekend I picked up a particularly pleasing navy blue one with a diagram of a pair of scissors on the front. I wore it today. It gave me immense pleasure.

It’s the small things.

I must confess that even though we are over a week into the summer holidays, I don’t feel like we are actually on holiday yet. We have been so busy, and will continue to be for the next little while that I am not yet in holiday mode. There simply hasn’t been enough turning off of alarm clocks yet. It will come.

I await it with baited breath.

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