Tilly has been watching a television show called Castle this afternoon. It stars Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal from Firefly) which should be a recommendation. Sadly it is not my cup of tea. It reminds me rather of Murder She Wrote with Nathan as a younger, more square jawed Angela Lansbury.

As she watches, I have flitted in and out doing a few jobs.  At one point she freezes the screen, turns to me and says in tones of mild astonishment:

‘This man has just sold his finger to a serial killer for $5000.’

To which I reply: ‘Oh. That’s unusual.’

Tilly: ‘Yes, but to be fair, he didn’t know he was a serial killer.’

Me: ‘That’s a relief.’ (Although I suspect the belatedly finding out about the serial killer thing is not such a relief for him).

Tilly: ‘For $5000!’

Me: ‘Well, maybe he had a gas bill to pay.’

Tilly: ‘$5000 isn’t a lot for a finger.’

Me: ‘Needs must when the devil drives.’

Tilly: ‘Still…’

Me: ‘Maybe it was only his little finger. There’s probably a sliding scale.’

Tilly: ‘Yes! It was his pinky finger, but I think $5000 is just not enough.’

Me: ‘OK then.’ (I haven’t really had time to think about how much money I’d want for my pinkie finger. It’s all a bit sudden).

Tilly: ‘My pinky finger is my favourite finger. I’d want way more than that. It’s the best finger of all.’

I exit the room before she starts demanding I provide an Antiques Roadshow style on the spot evaluation of my digits.

4 responses to “Fingerbobs

  1. Oooo, love Castle. Love Nathan Fillion. Love Esposito. Love the housein the Hamptons.
    And Murdoch Mysteries / Body of Proof / The Closer. Pretty much the whole Alibi schedule.

  2. I love Castle, one of my favourites – I love that they put in little Firefly references now and again, just for fun.

  3. Oh, now I’m all disappointed that I don’t love it. Maybe I should try again.

  4. I don’t have TV but I do love Tilly’s comments.

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