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Thank you millions to everyone who donated to my Race for Life efforts. Thanks to you I have now gone over my target, which is quite wonderful. We are however, fundraising as a team, so if you would still like to donate, Tilly is also raising money, and hasn’t quite squeaked in at her target yet. Please feel free to help her make it.  It’s the first year she’s been allowed to fund raise on her own, being as how she’s now sixteen and everything (SIXTEEN!)

We do quite understand if you have giving fatigue. It seems everyone we know is either racing or has raced, or has already given. Do not feel you have to, but you know, you don’t get if you don’t ask and all that.

In other news, my knees are absolutely bollocksed today. It is my bet that Mo Farah probably lives in a bungalow, or has a post race Stannah Stairlift for knee based emergencies.  I am walking rather like John Wayne, which is not a good look for me.  I have styled it out with voluminous, clown style trousers. Everyone is so distracted, sniggering at the trousers, they are forgetting to notice my legs look rather like Queen Anne chair legs, and wouldn’t stop a pig in an entry.

It is the last week of term. Huzzah!

It is manic with added manic here, as we set off on holiday the minute school ends. We are off to Northumberland for the week and are ridiculously excited about it. We have only ever passed through, and never had time to stop and explore. There are oodles of things to do and it is supposed to be utterly wonderful if you like castles, and gorgeous countryside and tea rooms. We do. We are anticipating a lot of cake based adventures in places of historic interest.

In the meantime there is homework to be handed in, p.e. kits to be wrestled into submission, sports days, trips out, packing, tortoise boarding (which is more like bed and breakfast for reptiles and not at all like torture) and the small matter of Tallulah’s twelfth birthday to see to.

I realise this is another stop gap post, as I have London things to tell you about and probably other stuff that is in the draft folder of my mind, but as I am typing this as I make arrabbiata sauce with my spare hands (I have no spare hands, I am just being brave), you will have to make do with this for now.

5 responses to “Place holder

  1. Ooh, go to Alnwick Castle and Bamburgh Castle and if you like Roman stuff you HAVE to go to Vindolanda! Also Beamish open air museum – it’s county Durham rather than Northumberland but it’s my favourite museum ever!

  2. Alnwick and Bamburg already on the list. The other recommendations will be added to the list. So exciting! x

  3. Food and book recommendations. Top work, woman!

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