Day four of the poetry meme as suggested by Keith at Zen Mischief.

Today’s poem is one I’ve posted before. It seems very apt to repost it today.

This morning the children and I met with our friends and ran The Race for Life. We did the 5K race.  Oscar raced in his Doc Martens because he’d left his trainers at school. He and his friend Jesse outraced us all, despite the handicap. There were thirteen of us, a baker’s dozen.

Nine of our party were children and they did us proud, especially George who fell over and grazed his knee at the 2K mark and was so incredibly brave, he got right up and after a small cuddle from his mum, raced off into the distance. He was a trouper.

It was fantastic. It was exhilarating. It was not at all like I expected it to be, and I am so glad that I did it.

Race for Life celebrates the lives of those enduring cancer, the lives of those lost to cancer, and every penny raised helps to try and find a cure for cancer. Our Just Giving page is still open, so if you would like to donate, please do.

We met so many lovely people coming together for a common purpose. Each person had on their back the name/names of the people they were racing for and there was a wall where you could pin your stories and share your memories. It was incredibly moving.

We raced for Joan Saunt, and Lizzie, and Anthony and for everyone who needed us to think of them today.

It wasn’t sad at all. It was such a positive experience. It was a coming together of people sharing and wishing, and remembering and celebrating and hoping for the best.

That’s why today’s poem has to be this one.


Alone, tired, exhausted even

by what had not yet happened,

passing a cemetery on the outskirts of London I saw

an angel dip its hand into a grave

and pull out a fistful of cherry-blossom

Brian Patten

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