Spring Cleaning

I had an amazing day in London yesterday. Amazing.  The sun shone, the lark was on the wing, and my friend Shami and I did many glorious things.  I will share those glorious things with you in later posts, as mostly today I am getting over a stonkingly awful migraine which developed with lightning speed on our journey back from London last night.  Luckily I wasn’t driving, as it was such a bolt out of the blue I had no time to treat it before I was violently ill, over and over again.

Poor Shami has now seen every motorway services on the M1 between London and Leicester, and the car park of Sainsburys’ at Fosse park being covered in vomit.

She did a splendid job of getting me home in one piece, and Jason and Tilly did a splendid job thereafter of looking after me until such time as I was able to raise my head without wanting to chop it off. I am now in that hangover stage that means everything is an effort, and all today’s jobs other than breathing have been cancelled until tomorrow.

My friend Keith over at Zen Mischief has sent me this meme, to post four poems on four consecutive days.  I can just about manage that today.

I’ve probably posted this before but it is just so lovely.  Here’s a video of Jean Binta Breeze reading her poem: Spring Cleaning


I’m not sure why it’s not embedding as a video clip, but it’s there if you click through. Technology fail.

Brain fail.

I’m not nominating anyone, but if you want to take part in the meme, please do, and leave me a link in the comments box.

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