All I Want Is A Photograph of You

Several weeks ago…

Oscar: ‘When I grow up I’m going to live on a narrow boat.’

Me: ‘That’s nice. What else are you going to do?’

Oscar: ‘I’m going to be a fashion photographist.’

Me: ‘You mean a photographer?’

Oscar (impatiently): ‘Yeah. That. I’ll be really good at it.’

Tilly: ‘I hope you’re going to be better at doing it than you are at remembering what it’s called.’

Oscar: ‘Shut up.’


Oscar: ‘So you know I’m going to be a photographist. I mean photographer.’

Me: ‘Yes.’

Oscar: ‘Well I’m also going to be a computer games designer, and possibly do archery as a hobby.’

Me: ‘Excellent. I’m glad that you’re going to be so busy. It sounds like a nice life.’

Tilly: ‘And also excellent you remembered that it is a photographer.’

Oscar: ‘Yes. Yes. Photographers do photographisms.’

Tilly: ‘You might want to stick to being a computer games designer until you learn to take photoGRAPHS.’

Oscar: ‘Shut up.’

2 responses to “All I Want Is A Photograph of You

  1. I read that as a ‘marrow boat’, which obviously makes things completely different…

  2. It certainly does!

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