We are cautiously lowering the yellow flag

We are, fingers crossed, now out of the woods vomit wise, I am delighted to announce. Jason wasn’t too well yesterday and a bit peaky today, but is holding it together in a manly, brave sort of way. Plus, let’s face it, even if he does vomit, he won’t be expecting me to minister unto him so I’m not particularly bothered. Tilly thought she might be feeling a bit under par today but it turns out she just needed to eat buttered crumpets.

Who knew?

Oscar is all better and eating everything. He has mooched around all day, hoovering up food, cadging, and chomping and sniffing about the fridge and generally behaving like a forlorn, half starved spaniel with winsome eyes and a lolling tongue.

This is much better than the wan, miserable boy who was convinced he was dying, and in between vomiting gasped out things like: ‘I don’t think I can stand this, mama.’ and ‘It’s all too much…’ and wailing: ‘I don’t liiiike this.’ Like everyone else in the world embraces vomit with a gladness of heart that he has somehow not been included in.

I don’t mind people being ill. Let’s face it, I’m ill enough myself to not want to be the pot calling the kettle black. I have a lot of sympathy for illness. I do not have a lot of sympathy for woe. I am all out of sympathy for woe, and this makes my nursing of the brusque, ‘you’ll be fine’ and ‘stiff upper lip’ variety, and even that wears thin after about half an hour.

So we were all thrilled to not be house bound today and not be in thrall to my parlous nursing skills.  We have done many boring jobs like fourteen trillion runs to the tip, general gardening, shed clearing, etc, but we have also been to Staunton Harold in the rain and talked to a lady about the possibility of making Jason an awesome frock coat, which was fun.

To make up for the lack of eating out over half term we have eaten out twice today, which was also fun. Particularly due to the fact that nobody was bilious or green around the gills or had to sit sadly and watch other people eat while they starved.

As predicted, my fasting has not happened this week, although I have carried on exercising every day, even if only to do my ten thousand steps, so I am not feeling in the slightest bit down in the dumps about things health/exercise related. Normal service will be resumed next week and all will continue to be well.

It has not been a particularly relaxing or joyous half term, although there have been moments of great joy interspersed with the stress and vomit and shed clearing of every day life. The ups and downs of life do not care if you are on half term or not, which is to be expected I suppose, although sometimes this comes as a bit of a shock to the system.

There are quite a few things to look forward to in the next few weeks, trips to London, theatre outings, Tilly’s birthday and the end of her GCSE’s to name but a few, so we will roll on with the highs and the lows, making the best of things and falling back on biscuits during the dark times. It works for us.

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