Doh Doh

This morning we have plans, should Oscar be well enough, to do a recce into our local town. There is a restaurant that Matilda wants to try out in the hopes that it will be wonderful, and if it is wonderful, she wants to order her sixteenth birthday dinner from there. Testing is required.

I sent Tilly upstairs to wake the troops, as unusually, she was the first one to surface this morning.  She went in to rouse Oscar from his slightly hamster smelling pit. Apparently he had written the word ‘Frodo’ on his bedside cabinet in permanent marker.

She said: ‘Oscar, why have you written the word Frodo in permanent marker on your bedside cabinet?’

He looked up from his bed, bleary of eye, and said: ‘Because I needed to remember his name, of course.’

Tilly: ‘In permanent pen?’

Oscar: ‘I didn’t have anything else, and it was important, and now it won’t come off.’

Tilly:’Why did you need to remember it?’

He looked at her full of withering scorn:

‘Because. BECAUSE. I NEED to remember that he is the nephew of BOBO!’

She turned for the door. As she went out she looked backwards and said:

‘I think you’ll find he’s the nephew of BILBO.’

I’m hiding all the permanent markers.

And the bedside cabinet.

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