Some days you can plan all you like, and then whomp! Life just take you completely by surprise and you find yourself having to roll with the punches.

That happened today. Mostly in a good way, it has to be said.

This morning our water supply got cut off by a water main explosion about three roads away.

As soon as this happened, everyone in the house wanted to pooh.

It is the way of our people.

As I commented to my sister in law, it is a kind of Pavlovian pooh reaction.  As soon as you know you can’t possibly go, you really, really want to. Possibly more than once.  Things got a bit tense.

The girls could slope off to school and avail themselves of the facilities, but just as Oscar and I were about to depart I got a text message to say that the very same water main that caused our dilemma, had shut his school and everyone was getting an extra day off.  This was utterly brilliant news, apart from the wanting to pooh bit, which was becoming increasingly urgent as the minutes ticked by.

Jason appeared and like a magical fairy with a beard and good taste in suits, sneaked us off up the road for breakfast (and a pooh) at a local cafe.  We left much more relieved than we arrived.

The water still being off, Oscar and I were pretty limited for choices at home. I surmised that by the time we realised we couldn’t have a cup of tea, or a shower, or fit in more emergency poohs we would be driven insane.  I called the gym and asked them if I could include refuge for a small boy in my trial membership, and they agreed, which was very nice of them.

We packed supplies; in my case, gym and swimming kit. In his case, a book and his iPad and off we set.

He had a wonderful time, being generally feted by everyone who met him, ensconced in a corner of the lounge with a supply of Fruit Shoots and Hula Hoops and the Wifi code. As far as he was concerned, this was heaven.

I bobbed in and out of various activities to make sure he hadn’t been kidnapped by white slavers and to make sure he wasn’t dancing on the tables.

We lunched together very amiably, and then after I’d had a swim we came home to find that the water had been turned back on so we wouldn’t have to pack up Derek and Tiberius and wend our way to granny’s house for the evening.

It was, after the initial, pooh based crisis, a thoroughly nice day in which, as well as creeping towards fitness, I managed to shovel down sausage sandwiches and read a book about how to be happy in Denmark.  The sun is sort of shining, the ability to make cups of tea is back on the agenda, and I can turn the alarm clock off for the next week.

We have made it.  There were times this week when I thought this day would never arrive, but it has. We are beached on the shores of the weekend, somewhat delirious, sand in our swimming costumes, but here.

Hoo,bloody, rah.

2 responses to “Pooh

  1. Faithful lurking reader here, having just moved to denmark myself, I am curious as to the name of the book 🙂

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