Blah rah

It has been, in large part, a fairly grim day.  It is a fasting day for me. It is election day (I voted. I was extremely cross about this, and still am quietly furious.) Other stuff is going on which is not particularly nice and not mine to share, and all in all I will be very grateful to pull the duvet over my head in a few short hours time.

On the plus side.

I bought a gorgeous Malene Birger top today for a very cool £15 in my local LOROS shop. To say I am delighted with it would be an understatement.

My River Cottage Bread book finally arrived. It has instructions in the back as to how to make your own pizza oven.  This is my project over the summer holidays. I am gathering a small pizza oven army about me, all of whom are willing to give me a hand. It is rather wonderful.  After the oven is made we shall christen it with a pizza party and wine. Much wine.

The scales are starting to move. I weighed myself today and was pleased to see that the downward trend is proceeding. Slowly proceeding, but proceeding it is. I am fine with slow. I have a specific goal in mind and it is edging nearer. This makes me happy.

My lovely friend Jenn, took me to a new pool today. It is a little further from my house, but it is immeasurably superior to my local. The changing rooms were clean and dry and there were good sized cubicles and enough working lockers for all.  There are two 25 metre pools which eases congestion mightily, and I swam for an hour and a half today and did not have to move out of anyone’s way once (11o lengths. Go me). They also have different public swim times which, combined with my usual pool, mean that I can probably fit in a local swim every day if the gym I’m going to trial doesn’t cut the mustard.

I am reading Miriam Toews, All My Puny Sorrows. I think it is going to break my heart, but goodness it is wonderful.

Weather continues apocalyptic.

Still, you can’t have everything.

One response to “Blah rah

  1. And here was I, busily crafting a waterproof headband with attached klaxon for you. You could still use it in the supermarket, though.

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