Tallulah is still obsessing about Tom Jones. This is better than banging on about Taylor Swift every minute of the live long day, but it does get a bit wearing even so.

I think it’s the interrogatory stance she uses. It just comes naturally to her to fire questions at you incessantly whilst fixing you with her gimlet gaze, but it does make one a bit nervous.

Today at breakfast:

Tallulah: Mama? Do you think Tom Jones has had plastic surgery at all?

Me: I really couldn’t say, Tallulah. I have no opinions about Tom Jones and his appearance.

Tallulah: Why not?

Me: Erm, because he’s a singer?

Tallulah: Hmmm.

Me: I do think he’s probably been on the tanning table a bit too long though.

Tallulah: Mama! How can you say that about the King of the Welsh?

Tilly: Tallulah! There is no king of Wales.

Tallulah: I didn’t say he was the King of Wales, Tilly. I said he was the King of the Welsh.

Tilly: But as all the Welsh people live in Wales, that’s the same thing.

Tallulah: No it’s not. Tom Jones doesn’t live in Wales anyway, and he’s Welsh.

Me: Yes. Marya doesn’t live in Wales either. She lives in Evington.

Tilly: Well that makes her an Evingtonian.

Me: No it doesn’t! She’s Welsher than a Welsh thing.

Tallulah: (darkly) Not Welsher than Tom Jones…

All: Because he is the King of the Welsh!

2 responses to “Welshness

  1. I don’t live in Wales but I am Welsh and I am not at all bothered about Tommy Woodward as he was originally named…

  2. Tallulah will be most disappointed!

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