Fasting Update

My second week of fasting has been and gone. I promised I would keep people up to date with progress, so here it is.

My weight has plateaued. I suspected it might after such a huge loss the first week. I am O.K. with this. The only other time I’ve ever been on any kind of diet, which was using Slimming World after I had Tallulah, I lost big the first week, levelled off in week two, and then saw a steady loss of one or two pounds a week after that.

I haven’t lost anything, but I haven’t gained anything either, and I have been putting my non-fasting days to good use, and my period has started, which usually leads me to eat more crap, and bloat more, so I feel that the fact that I am exactly what I was the week before is a good thing.

I have managed my ten thousand steps every day in terms of exercise. Most days I do over ten thousand. On one day I managed to unintentionally double that, what with one thing and another. It feels pretty good for the most part, although my hands get so cold (poor circulation) that I have been reduced to taking my wooly winter gloves with me so I can still feel my fingers when I walk in the early mornings.

The first half of the week was a breeze in terms of me coping with it all.  The second half was harder work. I experienced my first hunger pangs on a fast day, although I have to say it was just an awareness of being hungry rather than any sense of being starving, and certainly nothing I couldn’t cope with.

The reason, I think, that the second half of the week was harder was that my period was due, and I actually started my period yesterday. My moods were pretty tricky from about Wednesday on, and I found that I was more easily tired. I did wonder at first whether the moodiness/tiredness was related to the fasting, but long experience of the nature of my own pre menstrual spikiness put me straight on that front.

As well as being the first day of my period yesterday, it was also a fast day. I was interested to see how I would cope. I had stomach cramps and pain in the small of my back and hips when I woke up.  I wanted to take pain killers so rather than fasting entirely until dinner time I had an oat cake so I could take some pain relief at breakfast.  I wondered if breaking my fast earlier would make the rest of the day harder to cope with without food. It didn’t, which was good to know.

For the first time since I started walking I really wasn’t fired up to walk yesterday, but I wondered if I might feel better when I had taken some exercise. People say that it is beneficial, so I made myself walk.  It was hard for the first ten minutes, and then I began to feel better. By the time I got home I felt pretty well, which was terrific.

As the day went on I began to feel worse, and by tea time I was in significant amounts of pain with cramping and hip pain. After dinner I was absolutely drained and gave up and went to bed at eight o’clock with two hot water bottles and pain killers.

Interestingly I was no more hungry yesterday than normal, nor did I have a headache, and I usually get a menstrual headache on the first day of a period. I am choosing to believe that had I not gone on my morning walk I would have probably been in more pain with my hips and cramping than I actually was.

If I hadn’t been absolutely shattered by the evening, I probably would have gone out for another walk to see if that helped relieve some of the pain, as it was I was more than ready for my bed. The only negative I can see from yesterday was being exhausted by early evening, but who knows if I would have felt that way anyway?

All in all it was a pretty good week. I am still managing the fast days with little to no bother, and eating well on my non fast days. I am enjoying my walking and I believe I am already seeing some health benefits, although given the erratic nature of my cycle/periods, it is pretty hard to call that one if I’m being honest.

I’m all set for week three, and hoping to see a pound or two weight loss at the end of this week as an added bonus.

2 responses to “Fasting Update

  1. well done you. You will weigh heavier during the ole cycle of joy anyhoo. Head down and into the great blue yonder.

    • It’s been really hard this week Janice, but after doing a bit of research I don’t think I’m eating enough cals on an up day and my body has decided to go on strike a bit. Am restructuring a bit as of today to see if I can get things shifting again. Main problem, apart from weight just staying put was that I was beginning to feel very tired and hungry on down days, which was making me lose heart. Now I’ve rejigged things I think my energy levels will pick up and I can carry on. x

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