Wandering and pondering

As you will know, if you made it to the end of my last post without blogging fatigue, I am taking exercise on a daily basis at the moment. It seems weird to call walking exercise, but that is how I’m describing it, and it is all good.

I have my trusty pedometer, ticking away the footfall, and making me feel like I am achieving things, without me actually having to do very much, which, I find, is the best way of achieving things if you’re me.

I have come to another realisation over the past week and a half.  I am not a country walker at all.  I am not turned on by gorgeous, verdant pastures, and cuckoo spotting. I don’t want to throw myself into hedgerows, and see what is over that crag. I find myself utterly, utterly bored by the glories of nature. I bloody hate Wordsworth.

‘Weedy people say la and fie and swoon when they see a bunch of daffodils.’


No. I am an urban rambler through and through. My extraordinary sense of nosiness as to people’s lives is all I need to keep me amused at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy gawking into windows and gardens as I amble past people’s houses. I am a lifestyle voyeur.

I like to make up stories about the sort of people, who, as Lloyd Grossman would say, ‘live in a house like that.’ I like to spot quirky bits of architecture, strange houses infilled amongst their more pedestrian neighbours, interesting paint colours, and marauding cats.  There are a lot of marauding cats, including a very friendly tabby called Boris, who I flee to for strokes when Derek shuns me with a firm tail.

Things I have marvelled at this week:

Gorgeous door knocker in the shape of a bronze dragon fly (wanted a screwdriver at this point)

One cat coming nose to nose with another cat and the first cat not being bothered about fighting so just leaping over the second cat like he was in Mario or something.

Some beautiful Victorian red clay pressed tiles with scroll work on them (now need a chisel)

A lot of Farrow and Ball paint. I wish I had shares in F&B.

Some truly excellent magnolia blossom.

Some terrible curtains.

The most appalling china elephant I have ever seen. Looked like it was made of mud.

by me, possibly.

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