Let us be of good cheer. It is Maundy Thursday and I did not distribute money to Chelsea Pensioners or wash the feet of the elderly or rend my gowns, or whatever strange customs the day involves, which is good.

Instead, Oscar and I went to visit a friend and spent a very pleasurable couple of hours eating crumpets and Jamaica Ginger cake, which is always time well spent in my opinion. Particularly the Jamaica Ginger cake bit.

One of Jason’s claims to fame is that he once ate an entire Jamaica Ginger cake to himself. Thinking about this, I do not find it impossible that I may have done the same.  They are incredibly moreish, and squish down into a compact, easy to ingest lump.

Although you may end up burping ginger for several days afterwards.

Our week has been full of culinary treats, from eating pavlova with Claire and Erin to sneaking off for egg and chips with granny and grandad yesterday, to discovering new ice cream parlours with uncle Robber, and eating 99s in a hail storm with our friends during an attempt to bring some springlike cheer to the Easter holidays.

All this explains why the shift dress I was going to wear earlier, was abandoned in favour of something that made me look less like a well upholstered sausage. My failure to have any will power whatsoever when it comes to eating things made of deliciousness means I am at the comfortable rather than the lean end of things weight wise.

I occasionally get rather depressed about this, as with the sausage/shift dress incident earlier. Then I am offered a piece of Jamaica Ginger cake and I forget to be depressed  because someone nice is offering me cake.


And so it goes.

If all my clothes cease to fit, something will have to be done. As it is, I shall shove the shift dress to the back of the wardrobe until such time as I feel compelled to eat salad, or give it to the charity shop.

Kate Moss once said nothing tastes as good as thin feels. She has clearly never been offered Jamaica Ginger cake.

The fool.

One response to “Musing

  1. Yes…got to go and buy some Jamaica ginger cake now…haven’t had one for ages and they are so darn good……Kate Moss may have beauty and travel and fancy doodads but she is not sharing and enjoying the universal ladies drug of choice….we all love it….cake…the butter and sugar and goodness kind not the chemical kind…what is wrong with her??

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