An Awfully Big Adventure

Oscar: ‘Mama. I found a CD that daddy made me from 2011. It’s got loads of my favourite songs on.’

Me: ‘That’s great.’

Oscar: ‘Yes. But it has made me a bit sad, because I was only a little boy when he made it for me, and I sometimes miss being a little boy.’

Me: ‘I know you do sweetheart, but growing up is kind of compulsory.’

Oscar: ‘I know. Growing up is a very big adventure isn’t it?’

Me: ‘Yes it is.’

Oscar: ‘I expect death is a very big adventure too.’

One response to “An Awfully Big Adventure

  1. In that conversation he sounds like a combination of a Taoist Pooh & an Eeyore pondering existentialism. Brynne and I used to have those conversations all the time when she was that age. She is studying poli sci & philosophy now and attempts to rope me into metaphysics discussions, whilst I attempt to edge out of the room.

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