Other, less horrible things

I’m going to have to put a new post up.

It’s too awful having the last one on the home page. Even I can’t stand it and I wrote it.

It’s still up if you want to read it. Absolutely fine if you don’t.

Let me tell you about other stuff.

Tilly went on a mono printing course after school. I was quite jealous. I’d like to do some courses on lino printing, wood block etc eventually, when I haven’t spent all the money on shoes and theatre trips.

I was also mildly obsessed with the idea that she would come back having made a huge, inky monobrow. Sadly, she didn’t. She just came back covered in ink, which is pretty standard for Tilly to be honest.

I watched the footage of Madonna falling over on The Brits last night. I didn’t watch The Brits at all. I watched Bake Off, which was superb and lovely, and then Wolf Hall which was exceptional. I have loved the series the whole way through, but the last episode was absolutely phenomenal television.

The Madonna thing came to my attention via my Twitter feed, which went absolutely crazy, and which made me a) howl with laughter and b) realise how very English the demographic of my Twitter feed is. My main cause of hilarity was about a million people all posting pictures of Edna from the Incredibles shouting ‘No Capes!’ which was a stupendous and apt thing to do.

Today I have been entertained by my friend Gavin who posted this article about some llamas on the run in Arizona, and then kept me up to date on Facebook with a running status update which was glorious. Hoorah for the llama two say I. I am saddened by the fact that they were captured, heartened by the fact that they were captured by expert lasso techniques. If you’re going to be captured at least be captured in style is my motto.

One response to “Other, less horrible things

  1. Hahahaha!

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