Rising Trot – Raising Cash

I think I mentioned this in a blog post last week, but just in case you’ve forgotten, and just in case I didn’t, here is the news:

The children and I have formed a small gang with my friend Nicki and her children, and next Saturday (7th March) we are going to gallop around Hampstead Heath in London, making utter, gigantic fools of ourselves in aid of Comic Relief.

We are all ridiculously excited about this event. The children are natural gallopers, and Tallulah in particular is very good at rearing up. As you might expect.  I think Tilly will excel at tossing her mane, and Oscar will moan a lot but do a reasonable cart horse as long as I bribe him with cake.

I haven’t galloped in an awfully long time, so I expect things to go badly awry. In fact, the best I am expecting is a bad case of stitch and at least one fall over some tree roots. I am however, totally game.

Every time I think of it I hear The Horse of the Year Show music in my head. Like so:

Apart from the sheer pleasure of prancing around when you’re not supposed to because you know, middle aged grown up lady with slightly iffy hips thing going on, we are actually attempting to do our bit for charity.

Comic Relief does splendid things. It does so many splendid things it is impossible to list them all here, but I totally approve of anyone who tries to make life better for people who have virtually nothing, who spend every waking moment of their day doing their best to survive.

We are very lucky. We have a tremendously privileged and pleasurable life. We want for nothing, and never question our right to have enough food, enough clean water, warmth and a roof over our heads. When we can we like to even up the balance sheet a little bit.

Please help us to do this by sponsoring us. You can click on this link to reach our Red Nose Day Giving Page, which I have, with enormous technical ineptitude, cobbled together. This is why there is a sideways picture of Tilly looking surprised by a stuffed weasel instead of a picture of us looking all equine professional.

Still, if you really want to see a sideways picture of Tilly and a stuffed weasel you should hop on over there straightaway. That’s got to be worth a quid of anyone’s money, right?

I always feel a bit guilty asking for sponsorship, even when what I’m asking for is a jolly good thing. After all, I have no idea what your personal or financial situation is, so I don’t want you to feel guilty if you can’t spare us a copper or two. Just enjoy the thought of us pratting about next weekend, and chuck a thought to the people we’ll be helping.

Ta, ever so.

P.S. If I raise the target amount I promise to post photos of us looking like a right bunch of eejits.

3 responses to “Rising Trot – Raising Cash

  1. sponsored! Can’t wait to see pics 😜

  2. A mickle added to your muckle.

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