Only on Sundays

Last night I found out that Oscar and I got an extra day off, due to the fact that it was a teacher day today, and I had forgotten. We danced around the maypole of joy. The girls, who didn’t get an extra day off, threw socks at us and were extremely disgruntled.

I don’t blame them for being grumpy, but even though I still had to get up early and face their wrath, it was an unalloyed pleasure to be straggling round in my pyjamas while I waved them off to school. Oscar didn’t wake until half ten and I spent the morning enjoying the spring sunshine, drinking coffee and reading my book in absolute peace.


We met granny and granddad and uncle Robber for a sneaky lunch at the pub, and got home just in time to welcome the girls home.

They had forgiven us by this point.  Their day will come, no doubt.

I cooked Sasha’s (Liberty London Girl) pea and courgette orzotto for dinner, except that I substituted courgettes for chicken to appease the meat eaters in the family. It was very nice indeed. Friends, Food, Family it seems, is the cookery book that keeps on giving. Well, in this house, anyway. I have given up putting it back on the shelf now. I just keep it permanently on the kitchen work surface.

I am finding it hard to sift for suitable blog material. My mind, frankly, is elsewhere, and I am busy distracting myself with novels, food and diverting television programmes. Bear with me. Normal, angry service will be resumed later.

In the meantime I did remember one thing that amused me from yesterday.

Tallulah sleeps like the dead, and does not wake for anything at all. Consequently we still get her up for a wee before we go to bed, just in case.  Quite often she is still absolutely fast asleep while this procedure happens. Occasionally she will talk to you, still fast asleep.

Last night was one such occasion.  As she sat down on the loo she focussed somewhere in the middle distance and gave a beaming smile before pronouncing:

‘I know what I’m going to be when I grow up.’

Me: ‘Oh good.’

Tallulah: ‘Yes. I’m going to be a….nurse!’

Me: amazed: ‘Really?’

Tallulah: beaming again. ‘Yes. But only on Sundays.’

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