Get Well Soon Claire

My friend Claire was due to come and stay this weekend, but due to horrible, horrible cold germs she has had to give up and go to bed. I am sad that she is not here, but I know that when we get round to rescheduling it will be acres more fun because she will be well, and in much more of a position to drink fizz, stay up late and cackle with glee as we spend the evening ensconced round the kitchen table sharing ridiculously inappropriate stories and hooting.

As I was expecting guests I had geared up the catering a notch, and decided not to let it go to waste, so when my parents popped round with a poorly lap top for Jason to fix, we strong armed them into staying for dinner.

We made home made pizza. It works brilliantly for us because Jason doesn’t eat cheese, so I rarely buy ready made pizzas, unless I’m having a child tea emergency. I had stocked up on a ridiculous amount of toppings; six different types of cheese, ditto cold meat, hot smoked salmon, king prawns, acres of veg including thinly sliced asparagus spears, mushrooms, jalapeño peppers and lush baby tomatoes.

Tilly made the dough, while I made a gallon of home made tomato sauce, and everyone set to work creating their own pizzas.

Because my oven only takes two pizzas at a time, and we were working a shift system, I decided we might need something to dip into as we waited to bake our pizzas.  I plumped for Sasha’s (Liberty London Girl) gnocchi from Friends, Food, Family, pan fried with cherry tomatoes, freshly torn basil and plump balls of baby buffalo mozzarella.

It was a complete winner, and Tilly, mum and I hogged the hob, huddled round the pan with forks, shovelling the molten mixture into our mouths. To be honest, we rather spoiled ourselves for the pizza, but we did manage to force down a respectable amount in the end.

To complement the food, I cracked open a very good bottle of Aldi’s Malbec, and toasted Claire and her path to recovery. I know she would want me to spend the evening getting gently sozzled and allowing myself to be over served. I am practising for when she comes.

I  can’t wait.

One response to “Get Well Soon Claire

  1. Aldi wine can’t beat it

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