Pull up to the bumper…

Half term has quite literally taken over my life.

We have done stuff every day, and most evenings, and I am quite, quite broken by it all.

It has all been good stuff, and we have sailed through it with aplomb and mostly sunny tempers, except for the two hours I was stuck in road works on Wednesday night, when I got a teensy bit anguished at how much of my life was passing while I was staring at the back of a Toyota Yaris.

Nobody wants to be reminded of their own mortality while staring at the back of a Toyota Yaris, even Cheezus himself would be pushed to find an improving parable there.

I have done a great deal of driving, which as you know is not entirely to my taste. On the other hand I have seen a great many people I love dearly and eaten large amounts of delicious food in various splendid places, so it was a small price to pay.

Today’s activities are all centred around the homestead. The furthest I am required to drive is five minutes away, which is a great treat indeed. In fact, this morning I took Oscar on a play date at the end of the road, which was just amazing, as we were able to actually walk there. I am so used to hopping in the car I think I actually looked in my rear view mirror as I exited the drive way…

on foot.

I am quite excited about this evening as I have nothing to do. I say nothing. I mean nothing out of the ordinary. I am quite at a loss to know how to spend the precious few hours that have become available to me. I have forty seven books in my to read pile, an unfinished project in my knitting pile and four billion things saved to watch on Sky+.

I suspect I will start something lovely and then immediately fall asleep…to dream of long, arduous road trips stuck behind a Toyota Yaris.

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