Planning Ahead. Maybe.

I am going to whisper this very quietly, as I don’t like to tempt fate, but it appears that we may have booked a holiday for this year, and planned another.

This is remarkable for us, given the fact that we suffer from the holiday dreads. We hate booking holidays. Absolutely hate it. It is entirely our own fault I am ashamed to say, which is terrible, because there is nobody else to shovel the blame off onto.

Jason hates planning in advance and I am a great procrastinator when complicated things have to be sorted out. This means we both tend to be rather lackadaisical when it comes to getting our bottoms into gear on the holidaying front. Holidays need to be planned in advance when you have three children, limited availability to take time off, and are extremely picky. We resent these things, particularly the limited availability we have to take holidays, and so we tend to sulk and rail against the inevitable, rather than make the best of a bad lot.

A perfect example for the children.


Generally we leave things until we are absolutely desperate and then spend an intense few days looking at literally thousands and thousands of options. This always means that somewhere along the line we end up having an argument, as we have so many ideas and possibilities floating around, we go into overwhelm and blame each other for not being able to make any decisions other than the decision to not bother and put things off until another day.

We had three great holidays last year, which were more by luck than judgement.  We were so taken with the novelty of being utterly pleased with our choices,  that we decided that it would be a good idea to be more efficient this year, so that we could make great choices and have fabulous holidays but without the same high intensity shouting beforehand. We talked seriously over the Christmas holidays about booking something, then felt so self satisfied we sat on our laurels and did absolutely nothing at all about it.

As half term loomed, and my diary became increasingly full, and people kept asking me what I was doing at Easter and further on into the year I decided we really needed to sort this out.

So we did. We had a brief but heated exchange about the issue on Friday, which we resolved relatively quickly. We both realised we were being a bit arse holeish. It’s always better when you both acknowledge that you are being useless. There is no moral high ground to be had and a mutual apology smooths over troubled waters very well indeed.

So today we tentatively booked a holiday in London for me and the children in the summer, and decided where we wanted our second holiday to be, and what dates we wanted. We have a short list of properties with availability and we now have to wait and see if Jason can get the time off work. If this happens it will be a miracle, so we have a back up set of dates in case of emergencies and a list of houses for those dates too.

Good eh?

You might almost think we were grown ups.


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  1. Good luck!

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