A Mondayish post on a Tuesday

Here is the news:

I am being very clumsy at the moment. Going to say goodnight to Oscar the night before last, I ran into his bedpost, and now have the most enormous navy and yellow bruise on my thigh. It is in the shape of South America, in case you’re interested. I might fill it in with topographical points of interest later.

With a pen. Not by running into other stuff in a strategic manner.

I also managed to get a splinter of glass in my thumb, not from saying goodnight to Oscar, just in the general going about of my day. It was only a small splinter, but goodness did it bleed. I wandered about with a bit of tatty loo roll waving from my thumb which gradually turned from white to red. It was most impressive.

I have lost two earrings in the space of a week. Both from the same ear. I am wondering if the fact that I have a stiff neck at the moment means I am living life at a tilt, and this is why my earrings fall out? I am going to start wearing odd earrings and say it is a life style choice. It is a lifestyle, not a choice, but you know, it is all about the framing.

Yesterday I lost a book that I bought on Saturday.  I turned the whole house upside down looking for the book. Nothing. Then I lost six other books I had put aside in the hunt for the original book. I found the six books, but not the original lost one. Curses. I am wondering if I might accidentally have thrown it away. That would be terrible. I really want to read the book I lost, even though I have three thousand others in my to read pile. I gave in after a weary hour of searching last night and ordered another copy. This will guarantee the first one will turn up somewhere.

I think the tortoise might have stolen it.

I went back to my volunteering job at Oscar’s school yesterday for the first time since mid December. Everyone was ill in December, and there was a teacher day last Monday, so yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system. I spent the morning reorganising the library and getting filthy (books are so damn dusty). The afternoon I spent listening to children read. I was rather reluctant and world weary in the morning. In the afternoon I remembered why I do what I do. I LOVE listening to children read, and talking to them about books. It was fantastic. Made all the more so when I went into the classroom and someone said: ‘Yay! It’s the nice book lady,’ and nobody else said: ‘Oh no it isn’t!’

Stuff is now going into the diary which means that the year is officially happening. I have things in there going into April, nice things.

I am taking Jason away for his birthday in a few weekends time. We are going to Harrogate. We love it there and have had a few weekends away in the past which have been splendid. We haven’t been for a couple of years, and we wanted something that we knew would be relaxing and fabulous and stress free. Mum and dad are having the children and we have two nights alone. Two whole nights. Whooo!

I am off to get a massage shortly. My neck, as above, has been very stiff recently and there have been a few days where it has locked, leaving me mostly in agony. It is a bit better this week, but still not right, and I decided that it is time to grab the neck by the horns and take action. I am expecting nirvana from this massage, or at the very least the ability to turn my head like an owl. That would be very good.

4 responses to “A Mondayish post on a Tuesday

  1. Only this morning I thought that I should book myself a massage…I’m fed up of waking up in pain. On another note, many many years ago I used to volunteer at school and listen to children read too….sweet times.

  2. If you like Italian food there’s a fantastic new place just opened on Kings Road called Stuzzi. Have a fab time in Harrogate – I’m so glad we live here.

  3. Oooh. Thanks for the recommendation. We do like Italian food a lot. x

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