Gotta love a parp hole

I seem to be wrestling with quite profound mood swings over the last few days. Absolutely joyous one moment, fairly despairing the next, and then everything in between. I am enjoying the full spectrum of emotions here. Well, I say enjoying, but mostly I’m finding it a bit knackering. Not puzzling. It’s hormones, plain and simple.

I have resolved to see it is as some kind of fairground ride of the mind. Eventually I will be able to get off. Right now I’m in the thick of it. I have spent quite a lot of time apologising for random outbursts this weekend, some of it having a blast, and the rest of it finding something to distract myself from the worst bits.

Mostly this has involved eating and reading, as these are two loves of my life that never fail to soothe the savage brow.

Yesterday I made a variation on Pho for lunch, which was very easy, and tasty. I shall attempt to replicate the recipe on here at some point for your delight and delectation should you wish to try it.

For our evening repast Tilly made the pizza dough recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book Comfort Food, and she also made his garlic bread. We all agreed that the pizza dough is fabulous and bountiful (makes enough for eight to ten people comfortably, if you’re tempted). The garlic bread recipe was also plentiful and made a tear and share thing for about fifteen. Everyone else thought it was nice but not garlicky enough. I thought it was fine just as it was, but as he also tells you how to make vast quantities of garlic butter, it would be easy to add more to your dough if you agreed with Jason and the children.

Today I’m making Jamie’s meatballs. Oo-er.

I shall report back.

I have read lots of books, my favourite this weekend being Haruki Murakami’s new one: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. It was excellent. It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up any Murakami, and this reminded me to hunt out more by him.

As well as all that, and homework, and cleaning, and laundry, and stripping beds, and excavating parts of the loft, and even excavating behind the sofa cushions, we have watched Parks and Recreation season one and loved it.

So it hasn’t been a total bust, despite me accidentally sucking up the leg of my pyjamas in the hoover and knocking a picture off the wall in the process of trying to extract said pyjama leg.

Also, Oscar invented the phrase ‘parp hole’ for his bum, which has gone a long way toward lifting my mood in moments of despair.

5 responses to “Gotta love a parp hole

  1. That boy can lifet everyone’s spirits, bless him!

  2. lift, not lifet! Harrumph.

  3. Please post the pho recipe. I’m off to Vietnam in 2 weeks’ time almost purely for the pho.

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