Not Yet Back

For most people, today is a return to the normality of every day life. The first Monday back of the year. Boo!

For us, it is a strange day where I thought the children were going back to school, but it turns out that they all have an extra day off, because there is a teacher day. It is rather lovely that they got another late night and another late morning, and we all got one more day without the alarm clock being its usual martinet.

We have incredibly boring plans. Well, by other people’s standards they are. We are going to the library. We are excited about this. We get as excited about going to the library as other people do about going to Alton Towers. This is brilliant, as the library is free, nearby, and doesn’t hang you upside down until your shoes fall into a vat of purple ooze, and you vomit into a stranger’s hair.

We are going to the Post Office. We are not actually excited about this, although the people who run our local post office are rather lovely, but we are excited at our own efficiency. We have written thank you letters – well, the children have, while I stood over them alternately wielding the biscuits of bribery and the baseball bat of despair. I have made up a parcel I have been meaning to send for the last week but not quite got round to. We are models of efficiency – for us.

We are going to the bakery. We are very excited about this. We have no need to go to the bakery. The house still contains random Christmas treats. We are just doing it because we can. Oh yeah.

We are going to roast a duck for dinner. I have cooked duck on numerous occasions, but I have never roasted a whole duck before, and we are all rather in awe of it. It is currently sitting in the fridge, looking large and foreboding. I am sure it will all be fine. Nigel will guide me in the ways of the duck, and what he doesn’t know about roasting meat isn’t worth thinking about. We are eating it with peas and carrots and fluffy roast potatoes, and it will be Jason’s; ‘I’m sorry you had to go back to work’ dinner.

This is what days are like. We are not about thrill seeking here at Chez Boo. We do not aspire to snorkel, or paraglide, or fling ourselves into discovering a cure for Ebola (although if roasted duck is the answer, I could crack it). We are just into enjoying the minor potterings of life, and being grateful for good books, good bakers and ungrumpy postal workers.

2 responses to “Not Yet Back

  1. I’m back at work today, but tomorrow is a holiday which is very confusing for my little brain!
    Your Monday sounds much nicer than mine.

  2. I envy you the open library on Monday…

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