Pink Hair is a Weapon

It is still not feeling very Christmassy.

Oscar was more excited about eating pizza for his lunch than our tree being up.

Actually, I don’t blame him. Stomachs win over decorations hands down, every time.

The cat is undecided. She spends a third of her time moaning about the weather, a third scooping ornaments off the tree and hiding them under the sofa and a third begging for food.

She’s an equal opportunities cat.

The boy and I are mostly on our own today. We have been shopping. Picking up a few more things that we forgot on our Christmas grocery delivery, and which I have now decided I cannot live without.

It was as windy as hell while we were out. Still rather mild, for the time of year, but very ‘hang on to your hats’ weather. The town was thronged with people battling the elements and panic buying sprouts.

Luckily I was panic buying raspberry liqueur, and as I was the only one, it was a small, sedate panic which ended in success.

Also, the fact of having pink hair is a great deterrent to people who might barge into you, I have noticed. I wonder if this is why there used to be such a penchant for elderly ladies to rinse their hair blue and pink back in the day? I see people considering shoving me aside in the rush to nick the last tub of Mascarpone, eyeing my hair, and then falling by the wayside.

It’s awesome.

The girls have gone to their dad’s for a few days. They’re back on Christmas Eve. I don’t usually miss them very much, but I am noticing their absence in a big way today. Perhaps its because they’re usually here for this bit of our Christmas Holidays. I am consoling myself that they will be with us all day on Christmas Day for the first time in a decade, and that really is something to look forward to.

Oscar and I have finished his homework. We are feeling justifiably proud of ourselves, and utterly relieved that we do not have to battle it out over a hot pencil for the next two weeks. It is my profound and deeply held belief that holiday homework is incredibly sadistic and unnecessary at any time of the year, but particularly over Christmas.

In other news, I have watched more television in the past two days than I have in the past three months. I have spent most of my viewing time watching cookery programmes, which might explain my incessant need to keep popping to the shop, even though I have fourteen tonnes of food in the house already.

I would like Nigel Slater to pop over. He can cook me anything he wants, at all. I would like Jamie Oliver to send over one of his beef Wellington parcels please. Thank you. The panettone bread and butter pudding also looked quite toothsome.

If I emerge in January under twenty stone it will be a miracle. A proper, righteous, hallelujah miracle.

On non food related issues:

I am reading Elizabeth and her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim. It is wonderful, and not at all festive. Thank God.

Jason has bought me a fantastic vintage dress for Christmas from EBay. I’ve been eyeing it up for a while, and he instructed me to go for it. So I did. It arrived today, and I tried it on and it fits perfectly. I LOVE it. I intend to wear it on New Year’s Eve for the first party we will have been to in a decade. I will post a picture before I either a) vomit on it or b) throw trifle down it or c) both.  I am praying it still fits by New Year.

One response to “Pink Hair is a Weapon

  1. I love your equal opportunities cat. Go Derek!

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