Most Excellent

A genuinely satisfying day today.

A proper, bona fide lie-in. I did not get up until 10.00 a.m. Blissful.

An unrushed breakfast where I didn’t  have to drink my coffee whilst simultaneously doing three other jobs.

I finished my book after breakfast, and then watched Nigel Slater doing amazingly delicious Christmas food things on telly.

Finished cleaning the house, including cleaning the oven, scrubbing out the bread bin, and other jobs I tend to put off for ages because they’re very boring and I just can’t quite be bothered.

Prepped all my ingredients for tomorrow’s Trifle and Tree party. I made my first ever creme patissiere.  It tastes good.

Jason went out and did a whole load of last minute chores including buying light bulbs, going to the charity shop with donations etc.

I only had to break up one small fight between the children. This is a Christmas miracle in itself.

Oscar is still itchy, but less so, and there are no other symptoms. Thank you Cheezus. Long may it continue.

I cooked a great, simple, pork and pak choi broth from Nigel’s Kitchen Diaries. It took about ten minutes from start to finish and made me look like a kitchen based genius.

I am about to read to the children, which we haven’t had time for for weeks, and then I intend to score no points watching Christmas University Challenge and knitting.

It really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

2 responses to “Most Excellent

  1. I answered 5! UC questions that is…and correctly too!! even surprised myself and the mister……and apart from the cleaning of windows and bread bins your day sounds splendid….this is living isn’t it? x

  2. I think I got about that too. Hard to tell because the children were joining in, which got a bit rowdy!

    Yes. It is the life, and even the cleaning was alright, because I felt that self righteous glow of satisfaction when I’d done it! xxx

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