Bet you didn’t expect that.

Let us look on the bright side.

All my children are home, and we do not have to go to school for a fortnight. Hoorah!

Oscar is complaining of being itchy, but has no rash, no nits and no other symptoms. Scarlet fever is sweeping the school, so I am not hopeful that he will remain chipper, but at least he will be home if he succumbs to more plague.

Tallulah has spent most of the day in bed, and as a result is infinitely more cheerful, although her sinuses are causing her grief and her head hurts. On the other hand, she can now speak, and is not looking like parchment.

Tilly is Tilly, which is always good.

I am better.

I have made my peace with the situation that has been driving me insane for the last fortnight on and off. I have reached the ‘Fuck you’ stage of processing, which is actually rather healthy and has made me feel much less freighted with responsibility for something I cannot change. This is good.

I cleaned the downstairs of my house. I sorted out a load of things for the  charity shop. I sorted out a load of things for the tip. I cleaned windows. The window cleaner came and cleaned others. I had the right money to pay him with, even though I had to scrabble down the back of the sofa for it. This is all good.

Upstairs can wait until tomorrow.

I am up to date with the laundry, and the dinner is on.

Oscar has minimal homework and we have agreed to get it done this weekend and not leave it dangling for the duration of the holidays until it becomes miserably pressing.

My Kindle died this morning. Luckily I have my iPad as a back up. Looking back it has done stirling work for many years. There are plans afoot to replace it. I was going to get stressed about it and then realised what a gigantic waste of time that was. I had a biscuit instead.

There is food in the house. There is an excellent Christmas stash in the utility room which is wobbling towards gluttonous perfection. The Christmas grocery order is all in order. I have Panettone, chocolate oranges, pate, cheese, salmon and champagne. I don’t care about the rest, frankly.

The last present I was chasing arrived today. If anything remains unbought now it is tough. I am shopped out.

I have a pile of interesting books to read. I have nearly finished Around The World in Eighty Days, which contrary to a lot of classic books, has actually been hugely enjoyable. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s an absolute joy.

I intend to spend this evening watching absolute bilge on the telly whilst picking up my knitting for the first time in weeks. I am looking forward to it.

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