Snotty Woes

There is snot.

There is soreness of nose.

There is the failure to hear things properly.

There is low level grumpiness.

There is honking and coughing.


I have refused to give in to the teeny, weeny violins that are following me around the house.

Mainly because I can’t bloody hear them because my ears are under so much pressure I am semi aquatic.

Also because if I go to bed my head fills up with snot and gives me a sinus headache on top of all my other woes.

Instead of moving onto the CLD (TM) I have been a domestic goddess par excellence.

I have spent all day with a whole house full of people. I have cooked, and cooked, and baked, and cooked, and done a bit more cooking.

The good thing is that you should feed a cold.

The other good thing is that the relentless use of the oven means the house is toasty warm.

Now I am absolutely knackered, the cupboard is bare, and everyone has gone home. I would say it is very quiet, but it has mostly been very quiet for me anyway.

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