Teeter totter

Enormously, gut wrenchingly tired tonight.

Dish rag is my status.

I need to finish reading a book. I’ve been reading it all week, and I keep falling asleep on it.

It is an alright book. Clearly it is not a set the world alight book, but it deserves more than me dribbling on it.

I need to finish it to review it.

I WANT to finish it because I have the long awaited, much anticipated, new Ben Aaranovitch novel, Foxglove Summer sitting by the side of the bed.

My friends keep telling me how good it is and how they have mostly, nearly, all finished it.


I know if I pick it up I am doomed. No matter how tired I am, I will eat it up.

I must not pick it up. I MUST finish this bloody, blasted other book, and I must get some decent sleep because I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

On the other hand, if someone just were to pop a blanket over my head now, I would be dead to the world in less than sixty seconds.

I am typing this through half closed eyes, and almost completely closed brain.

I need to wake up sufficiently to make satisfying headway with the dull book. I need to not get to the point where I cannot sleep at all, and tomorrow will end up as a round of starey eyed caffeinated lunacy.

It’s a fine balance.

I predict I will wobble off beam one way or another.


3 responses to “Teeter totter

  1. I am reading Foxglove Summer right now (picked up signed copy at Hatchard’s). I keep trying (and failing) to read it slowly as 1) there
    won’t be another for quite some time & 2) I have no other books with me and I cannot keep buying more/hauling them back by plane. Spent an hr under covers this morning reading away until hinger forced me out of bed.

  2. I’m on 90-something per cent now and trying to read e-v-e-n m-o-r-e s-l-o-w-l-y. I was alternating between that and Ann Cleeves’ Thin Air which was a fairly surreal experience. Couldn’t stop myself finishing Thin Air this morning, but luckily Miss M had a birthday party to go to today so I was dragged away from the Kindle by birthday card/wrapping-paper purchasing, dropping her off, and domestic dullness involving laundry. And tonight I’ve been distracted by I’m A Celebrity. At this rate it might even last until Tuesday. *sigh* Though I’ll probably re-read it immediately anyway.

  3. We’ve got a long wait for the next one girls. Hunker down. x

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