I have been to a cake based celebration today. I am stuffed to the very gills.

On top of that I am still cooking like a fiend. Which means I am eating like a fiend.

I am also lunching.

My entire life revolves around eating. Even reading is suffering I am eating so much.

I can barely fold in two.

It is quite anxiety making. I surpass myself.

Other things that are worrying me are:

Tilly and Tallulah are with their dad for the weekend, so I am in charge of Tiberius.

I am also in charge of Philippe. Philippe is Tilly’s sour dough starter. She has been nurturing him for several weeks, but has yet to make any bread from him.  Philippe is needy. He has to be fed and pruned every day. It is very stressful.

Jason is camping. The weather is vile. I am waiting for some rescue agency to ring me to tell me they have rescued a bedraggled Orc in a tree and does he belong to me.

I am dry of inspiration for Oscar’s spelling story, which we are due to write tomorrow.

With this last one, I confess that I have made a bit of a rod for my own back.

He has to learn spellings every week, and it is very, very dull repeatedly writing the same words down over and over, so to inspire him, I created a story around the first week’s spellings, and he wrote it down as I dictated it to him off the top of my head (was obviously full of creative juices that day). Since then it has become a bit of a tradition.

It is turning out to be invaluable in terms of his spelling ability, his stamina at writing, and his punctuation practice. All in all it is a very good thing. But some weeks are harder than others, and this week I am a husk.

A  cake filled husk admittedly.

I am going to go to sleep with the spellings tucked under my pillow in the hope that it will inspire me to greatness.

2 responses to “Worries

  1. I can empathise with the sourdough stress, my neighbour left me in charge of hers for three weeks, I was so afraid I would kill it. It survived its time in my fridge and my stress levels eventually returned to normal but I panicked the whole time

  2. It is not easy looking after such things. I feel the same way about plants.

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