Walking to School

We had a proper frost this morning. Everything was all crunchy and granulated outside.

I love it.

Well, from the inside anyway.

Actually, I enjoy walking Oscar to school in this weather too. I love the whole scrunching through the leaves, blue skies, freezingness of noses, stereotypical autumnal nonsense. Love it.

Oscar on the other hand, has given up liking the walk to school since it’s become colder, and there is often rain to negotiate. He has begged for the car every day this week.

I am an evil, old school parent when he says: ‘But pleaaahhs mama! Pleaaaahhhs may we go in the car?’

His super cuteness power no longer works on me.

I remember the chilblain infested, runny nose, chapped lip winter hell from my childhood and think: ‘Ha!’

I do not think: ‘Goodness, I really hated being cold. I shall save my son from the same misery.’ No. I turn into a 1950’s parent instead.

His plangent moaning stiffens my resolve. I say: ‘No. It will do us good to walk. Walking is good for you. It is full of  vitamins and things that will make you live to be eleven, or possibly older.’

I lie. (about the vitamins)

He looks at me like I am crazy.

He skitters on ahead of me, half in the gutter, half on the pavement, shoe laces trailing.

He mutters stuff.

I pretend not to hear. I blithely wander on, filling my lungs and telling him that this is brilliant.

He doesn’t care if it is brilliant. He just wants to go to school in a nice warm car.

Normally I would embrace this. This morning as I was scrunching through the graveyard I wondered why I wasn’t getting the urge to drive.

I realise it is probably less my enthusiasm for nature, and more that passing through a graveyard twice a day does make me ponder my mortality and realise it is the only exercise I really get on a daily basis, and given that we are eating like Kings and Queens at the moment, if I want to be able to continue to squeeze into my trousers, and/or out the front door, I’d better keep up the walking for a bit longer at least.

4 responses to “Walking to School

  1. It was soooo cold and rainy in Scotland today. I went into a cashmere/wool shop and wanted to buy all the things (kind of like when you go grocery shopping whilst hungry). It’s funny, I too became like my Mum and insisted that school be walked to, regardless of rain/snow/ladybugs(aka ladybirds – Toronto had a weird infestation one spring and they were the kind that bit).

  2. I have never heard of biting ladybirds. Ewww!

  3. So good to find errands that can be walking errands. I walk the dog every morning (mostly in the dark) and am surprised how much I don’t mind it even in the dark and the cold.

  4. We have considered a dog, mainly to get us to stop being so idle. But we think Derek might leave home.

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