Food, food, food and anecdote

I shall just turn up my toes and die of surfeit very soon.

Do not be sad.

It’s the way I want to go.

Today has all been about food, more food, homework and food.

We have been to our local pub; The Cradock Arms, for lunch, courtesy of Nanna – thank you Nanna. It was very splendid.

I totally wasn’t going to have pudding until I saw that the special was gingerbread cheesecake. So then I had to have the pudding.

Very nice it was too.

Dinner this evening was the promised Anjum’s Parsi potatoes with poached eggs.

I am pushing the boundaries of slow cookery to the limits. I am experimenting with anything and everything that will make my evenings less stressful in terms of food prep. I made the potato part of the dish in the slow cooker. It worked splendidly. I then poached the eggs in cling film parcels, as LLG recommends in her book, three minutes before I dished up.

It worked splendidly. We had it with grilled bacon and baked beans for a little Asian inspired fusion breakfast vibe, at tea time. On a wet Sunday in November.

That is the way we roll.

Pudding was a choice of ridiculously large and gorgeous sponge cake from two days ago, apple Streusel cake, or Pavlova smothered with blackberries and raspberries.

Even though I was too full I still ate some Pavlova, because it was there, and it was gorgeous and I am wearing a very forgiving dress today.

I am now going to lie about on the sofa pretending to be awake, while letting my food digest in the manner of a boa constrictor who has just swallowed a bison.

I will leave you with a wonderfully Victoria Woodish anecdote from a woman at my ukulele class this week.

She got up to leave early and said: ‘Sorry I’m going early. I have to get back for the dog.’

The teacher said: ‘It was the grand children last week.’

She looked at him and said: ‘Well. Life moves on.’

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