Inspired by my new pink hair I have thrown caution to the winds, and despite a day filled with such excitements as going to Sainsburys’, buying tights for my teenage, tight destroying, daughter, and hours of admin, I threw on a gold  embroidered shift dress and sparkly shoes.

I decided life is too short not to wear a gold shift dress and sparkly shoes, and if I don’t wear them now, when the hell am I ever going to wear such things? My social life is not the sort that demands such extravagance. Mostly it demands sitting in the dark and going ‘oooh’, and/or falling asleep stealthily while nobody is watching.

I have to say that I have zipped through a remarkable number of errands today, and am wondering whether this dressing up malarkey has anything to do with it. Should I embrace glitter if I want to get ahead?

Hell, yeah.

I have also managed to bag tickets to see Abigail’s Party at Curve this evening. I feel I shall be very in the spirit of things in my current get up.

3 responses to “Frockage

  1. I do maintain that sparkles make for more productive days.

  2. Is that what I have to do – wear sparkles?

  3. We must all wear sparkles, or purple, or purple sparkles. Either way, Char is right. Sparkles do make for more productive days!

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