Just a few things going on

This is my last catch up post before I have to go forth and do untold acres of paperwork.

We left British soil on Tuesday lunch time, and touched back down again on Friday lunch time. In essence we were away for two full days. The amount of things I’ve had to do/catch up with, since returning makes me feel that I’ve actually been away for about a month at least.

On Friday we made it home with half an hour to spare before having to head out to see Oscar’s Tudor extravaganza show at school. He looked very splendid indeed, and the whole costume came together beautifully. He was very sad he had forgotten to take his sword. We weren’t, and I expect his teacher wasn’t too distressed about it either. Seven year olds with swords in a built up environment are never good news.

When we got home it was straight into homework, and singing lessons and cooking dinner before Jason went to pick Nanna up from the railway station. She is over from Canada for a few weeks, and was visiting with us for the weekend.

I am very proud that I actually managed to get a hot dinner on the table in the right order by the time she arrived. It was a herculean effort.

Saturday involved a lovely breakfast out followed by a morning of errands and dropping Oscar for a play date with a friend from school.  The afternoon involved more homework, more cooking and more jobs that needed doing round the house.

Sunday was going to be a day out day, until we looked at the weather, which was grim and blowy. It ended up as a day of more (bloody hellfire) homework, because a day isn’t complete until you’ve thought about words ending in -le, and what the universe would be like if elephants were in charge, We also squeezed in lots of baking and I managed to produce another edible dinner, which made a hat trick, and meant I could retire forever.

Or something.

In the evening we hooked up with Andrea, and Nanna, Tilly and I went to see the NTLive encore of Helen McCrory’s Medea.

Monday morning was a rush. Jason started his new job. Tallulah actually had a cookery lesson that involved both cooking, and having to take ingredients to school. She also had PE, so there were tons of things to remember to take. Oscar had various bags and articles festooned about his person which we dutifully trotted over to school with, only realising in the playground that he had forgotten his lunch box.

I headed home, dropped Nanna at the railway station, and then went off to do errands, having to stop at four different green grocers before I found the right sort of lettuce for the tortoise (curse her), and being thoroughly sodden en route, as it continued to piddle it down all morning. I very kindly dropped Oscar’s lunch box into school, although the temptation to make him starve was immense.

The afternoon was considerably brighter as I managed to sneak away and go for lunch with my mum, before getting back into the saddle of chores, errands, jobs, chores, laundry, errands, jobs.

My car got booked in for its MOT before we go away on Saturday for half term, which is good. I organised all my paper work. I sent Jason’s papers to the accountant and remembered to get them signed for (go me). I helped Oscar come up with ideas for his competition entry for ‘draw the inside of Shakespeare’s head.’ which he is determined to win and being very artsy hysterical about. It’s like living with Picasso, but with less reward.

I have started road testing the recipes from the so far wonderful; ‘Friends, Food, Family’ by my friend Liberty London Girl (Sasha Wilkins). So far everything we have made has been delicious. I will post in more detail about this as the week progresses and we tuck a few more recipes (and pounds) under our belt.

I have finished reading the children Percy Jackson and the House of Hades by Rick Riordan, which we have been steadily working through since the summer. We started the last and latest book: ‘The Blood of Olympus’ last night, much to everyone’s pleasure.

I am making preparations for Thursday, when I am pinching a day to go to London to have afternoon tea with my lovely friends. I am making further preparation for Friday when it is Oscar’s birthday, and I am also trying to be organised for Saturday when we are off to North Wales for a week, hopefully with my luggage this year.

Hardly anything to do at all, really.

2 responses to “Just a few things going on

  1. You make me breathless with all that you do! Go you.

  2. I need a cape. That’s what I need!

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