The good news is that Tallulah is feeling better today, and eating like a horse.

The bad news is that both Oscar and Tilly have succumbed to the curse of the vomiting bug now.

I suppose it is good news in that we were doomed from the moment Tallulah threw up, and at least I can nurse them over the weekend, and they will be better for when granny arrives for her shift on Tuesday.

The badder news is that it will be an almighty, holy Cheezus miracle if Jason and I don’t get it now.

And we are running out of time to get it over with  before we fly.

The baddest news for me is that Oscar’s sickness came over him all of a sudden, and he vomited all over me, and the just cleaned utility room in spectacular fashion.

If this had happened to me pre children I would have immediately vomited back all over him. It has taken fifteen years of parenting at the coalface for me to be stoic in the face of being thrown up on. I feel that this must be put on my CV as a matter of urgency. It’s not every day that you gain new life skills.

6 responses to “Nauseating

  1. I often think that it’s very annoying that skills gained as a parent are not the sort you can put on a CV. Though actually when I worked in a museum I once cleared up a child visitor’s sick (parents very apologetic – it was an Oscar style event, he was fine then turned green and threw up in a matter of seconds) and being accustomed to my own it kids’ vomit was unworried about it as I wandered along with paper towels, mop and bucket. Turns out I’m not so good with other people’s children’s vomit!

    • We need an alternative CV in which we can list the things that really matter. I am alright with other kid’s vomit as well. We had a girl who was a serial vomiter at school one year and I have vivid memories of dealing with it on more than one occasion. Sadly.

  2. We once had a holiday in France, during which we had a child throwing up for three days, followed by one day of calm, repeat twice over. I’ve never had need of the skills gained in my current place of employment, though (thank goodness)! You have all my sympathy.

    • Nooo. That is awful. I’ve had to deal with nits on holiday, which I can’t say rocked my world, but was at least less messy than vomit. xx

  3. the vomit bug must be the most horrendous of all things a child can have. Hope it’s not reached you and Jason yet

  4. Ruth. I’ve just finished with it. Jason just started with it. It only took me 24 hours to shake it, which is as long as he has before we fly, so I am praying a great deal. x

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