Strange kid

Yesterday, when we were in Byron for the longest time, I took Oscar to the toilet.

It was, as most toilets are in restaurants, miles away.

We were coming downstairs from our epic trip to the facilities. The stairs have open metal treads, as the restaurant has been done out in ‘industrial chic’ with lots of distressed concrete and exposed copper piping etc.

Oscar held my hand. He’s not keen on open tread stairs.

Half way down he looked up at me and grinned, and said:

‘Mama, wouldn’t it be weird if I was a midget man and you were my girlfriend?’

I said:

‘Yes. That would be very weird, you weirdo.’

Oscar: ‘Everyone would look at us and think ‘how weird!’ and you would be a giantess.’

He dissolves in delighted laughter.

2 responses to “Strange kid

  1. what a great word, giantess. I think you should find a way of using it for the next week at least

  2. I will do my best!

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