Saturday Stuff

It seems that my enormous rage has cleared the air both for me and the children and the last two days have passed with relative ease in comparison to what went before.

Before we all get unnaturally excited, it simply means that they are trying harder, and so am I, and I am feeling somewhat calmer and able to give a little, and they are on best behaviour and able to do a little more. I am fully aware that this situation will not last, but I am enjoying the period of respite, however brief.

There have still been slightly raised voices today in relation to homework, and their totally mistaken belief that leaving everything until 8.00 p.m. on a Sunday night is sure to be absolutely fine, and my absolute conviction that it won’t. But I won, so I feel fine about this.

I also took advantage of everyone’s sheepishness in full, and we have worked together to do the cleaning and laundry, and change the beds and do some serious tidying up around the house today. We have moved mountains.

As a reward to us all for being so diligent, Jason treated us to a late lunch at the newly opened Byron burger restaurant in Leicester. I had heard great things from my friends who live in London and who have already tested them out. I convinced everyone it would be amazing.

It was amazing, eventually.

Firstly it wasn’t, when they didn’t take our drinks order, and then didn’t deliver our drinks for over fifteen minutes when they had finally taken the order, and then the food order was horrendously wrong, twice, and we ended up waiting an hour for dinner.

The way they sorted it out was brilliant though, it has to be said. Our food was free, and they offered us far more food than we initially ordered, and were happy for us to order extra drinks, desserts etc. We did have extra drinks as we were there for a long time, but we felt it was very mean to order puddings as we had had no intention of having them in the first place.

They gave us snacks and nibbles while we waited, and have also offered us another meal on the house, next time we go, so that we can experience how it should be right from the beginning. They were wonderful with the children too.

It was very impressive that they managed to get us from the point of real anger and almost walking out, to being calm and OK, because their customer service was so very good. It helped that the food, when it arrived, was delicious. It was well prepared, piping hot and there was lots of it. Even Jason who is fussiness personified and who was the most cross of all of us was completely won over.

Well done Byron. A disaster turned into a triumph and five very happy customers. If everything goes as it should do the next time we visit, I am sure it will become one of our regular haunts.

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