The universe is made of flowers

I feel so much better after getting all that stuff off my chest in the last post. I no longer feel murderous, or twisted up with reverse Tourettes because of all the things I shouldn’t say. I am hoping that a jolly good venting on the blog means we can all go on to have a rather lovely weekend.

Make it so.

I don’t even want to look at that post anymore, so I am writing this as a filler to stop the shouty post being the one on my home page.

Tallulah has redeemed herself slightly by finding her lunch box and water bottle, and remembering to bring Jason’s water bottle home.

She also made me laugh a lot. Which helps enormously.

When she got in she rushed to find me:

‘Mama, Mama, Nadia and I came second with our science project.’

‘That’s brilliant news. Remind me what you did again?’

‘You remember! The loom band project.’

‘Ah yes. You were going to make a loom band model of the solar system with all the planets…’

‘Yes! Yes! But that was too difficult so we just made some flowers instead.’


‘It worked just as well.’

It would really.

2 responses to “The universe is made of flowers

  1. I’m very glad that you are now feeling happier – but must admit that I was rather cheered by your previous post, which a) completely echoed what I feel much of the time and b) can be used as written evidence to the contrary on the many occasions when the children assure me that No One Else thinks as I do about housework, table manners or bed times. Hope that you are indeed now all having a good weekend.

  2. It is good that I am not the only one either. Misery loves company. x

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