We have had a lovely day.

It never makes for particularly thrilling blog material, a lovely day – but these are the days that are worth remembering amongst the angst and drama of the rest of life, so it gets catalogued anyway.

I slept in. I woke with no alarm clock reminding me of forty thousand things that must be done far too early in the day.

Everyone helped with chores, which meant that they were much less irksome than chores usually are.

The sun shone. It smelled autumnal. This made me happy.

We visited friends who we haven’t seen properly for weeks. We ate their biscuits, we drank their tea, we caught up on all their news and admired all their new home improvements. It was absolutely lovely to see them.

We went for a late lunch at a local pub (The Dog and Hedgehog in Dadlington). The food was fantastic. The service was excellent. Nothing was too much bother. We were not made to feel that we had to rush, even though we got there ten minutes before the kitchen stopped serving. The owner was delightful to the children and to us. It was splendid. We will be back.

We did our errands with minimal fuss and bother. This is always worth noting. If an errand needs to be done, best to get it out of the way quickly.

We went to visit granny and grandad and Uncle Robber. We drank all their tea, and ate all their biscuits and caught up on all their news.

We did homework. Again with minimal fuss and bother. Hoorah, huzzah and huppah.

We watched Dr. Who. It was good this week. The first week, in fact, that I have actually enjoyed watching the new Dr. and not just tolerated it and prayed that things would improve.

I did some knitting. I did some crochet practice. I did not get cross and want to lob the crochet out the window, or stab anyone. I think this is called progress. I still prefer knitting, it has to be said, but crochet is less angry. This is good.

I am about to drink tea, and go to bed with my book.

Niceness. Ahhh.

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