Anniversary Docs

Jason and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary on Thursday. We have, we worked out on a piece of paper with a much chewed pencil, actually been together for ten years, but experiencing wedded bliss for seven of them. Before that it was just bliss.

Or something.

We managed to celebrate for about an hour before we both fell asleep after what had turned out to be a fairly gruelling day for both of us.

This weekend we were able to celebrate in a more relaxed and awake fashion, albeit with Oscar in tow so no grand, romantic gestures for us.

We don’t abide by the whole traditions thing. You know; paper one year, string the next, ear wax and beetles the next, etc.

Mostly we just get each other some stuff, and eat a lot. It works for us.

Jason got a huge stack of books, and the first season of Orange is the New Black on DVD. I got the promise of a trip to the Doc Shop – which was fulfilled on Saturday.

Last year he bought me a pair of purple Docs, based on a Triumph motorbike boot for my anniversary present. It seems like the giving of Docs could become a tradition in this household. One I’m keen to encourage.

The Doc Shop is something that has only recently showed up on my radar. Andrea mentioned something about it in the summer, and then Oscar’s teacher, who is a bit of a Dr Marten lover, recommended it to me this week as a very exciting place to go if you are excited by clompy boots.

I am. So we went.

It is in a tiny Northamptonshire village called Wollaston, about forty five minutes drive from us and we arrived just after it opened. It opens every day from 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. There is a large car park attached to the store, and next door to the shop is a strange little courtyard with a tea room and organic supermarket etc if you want to browse for more than shoes. 

My word it was wonderful. All shoes are £25, all boots £35, except for the classic 1460, 8 hole Doc which you can get in every conceivable colour and which are £70 per pair. They also have a few examples of new stock which go for RRP. You can get every size from the dinkiest baby size up to a mahoosive size 14. If you are not average sized, like me (size 5) you will do much better, as there is a great deal more choice in the less popular sizes.

Despite this I managed to come away with three pairs. I got some green, black and white tartan brogues, a pair of low, square heeled black patent boots, and a pair of brown Harris tweed boots. I couldn’t have been more delighted. Jason got a pair of fantastic black boots which are a cross between a Chelsea boot and a brogue, and a pair of chestnut brown brogues where the holed patterns on them look like constellations.

Poor Oscar didn’t do so well. They had nothing in his size, sadly, but we did get him some jazzy laces for the vintage Docs he already owns, and he was most pleased with those, and I have assured him that we will go again, and again, and again. I am hoping that one day they will have the limited edition Beano boots in stock and then all will be well, and all manner of things will be well, because who wouldn’t want a pair of boots with Dennis the Menace on them?

We celebrated our purchase by having lunch in a pub called The Old Red Lion at Welham, which is a place Jason took me to when we were first going out, and which we happened to pass the turning for quite by accident on our travels yesterday. I devoured a rare, Porterhouse steak with perfectly cooked, crisp and fluffy chips, and all together it was very splendid.

We spent the evening snuggled up on the sofa reading our books and eating toast, and a finer way to spend an anniversary I don’t think you’ll find, frankly.




2 responses to “Anniversary Docs

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Did you know tht Northampton has a Shoe Museum? They have Elton John’s shoes from ‘Tommy’ there.

  2. I need to go to this museum. It sounds right up my street.

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